Haiti – Kidnapping Becoming a Thing of the Past


Great News… Kidnapping is at an all time LOW in Haiti – A couple of years ago, kidnapping was Haiti’s last name… Nowadays there are more FAKE kidnappings reported in Haiti (people who pretend to be kidnapped then turn around and defraud family members in the diaspora asking them to send money to pay ransom) than the real thing, according the latest news reports from Haiti…

Haiti’s police is taking all the credit for this VERY steep decline in kidnapping cases. According to Haitian Police Chief Godson Orelus there was only 5 cases of kidnapping reported in Haiti from January to June 2014… Compare that to 44 cases reported for same period last year…

You’re probably reading this saying “Oh yeahhh… I haven’t heard about that in a while!” and you’re right… LOL…

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe made very it clear in a video reportage I saw on youtube recently that this government does not mess around with kidnappers… although… If you speak to Haiti senator Moise Jean Charles, he will tell you something completely different LOL…

I guess the figures speak for themselves… Don’t you think so?

The good news is, Kidnapping in Haiti has dropped significantly, so much so that you hardly hear about it anymore… Right or Wrong?

May the government and the Haitian police continue the work they are doing so that Haitians, Diasporas, and Tourists can feel safe… That will definitely bring more money into the country.

What do you think about that?

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