Haitian cuisine highlighted in South Shore as a part of Haitian Heritage Month


CHICAGO — The sounds of a good time floated through the streets of South Shore Sunday, as the community came out to enjoy the sunshine at South Merrill Community Garden (SMCG).

“It’s really important for us to feel, taste, eat other people’s culture to generate understanding,” said Iyonna Rivers, cultural coordinator for the SMCG.

Rivers is one of many operating behind the scenes at the SMCG, helping coordinate events like the one seen today, centered around Haitian cuisine as a part of Haitian Heritage Month.

“There’s about thirty-to-forty thousand Haitian Americans in the city,” said Carlos Bossard, director of programs at the Haitian American Museum of Chicago. “And the huge connection is Jean Baptiste [Point] DuSable, the founder [of Chicago] and a Haitian man.”

The Haitian American Museum of Chicago’s goal is to promote Haitian culture throughout the City, which leads then to organize events with ‘walk-through exhibits’ where folks can learn at their own pace, while enjoying food and music like the one held at the SMCG Sunday.

“It’s important how we bridge these various these pieces together,” Rivers said. “So children understand, and Chicago at-large.”

If you would like to learn more about the Haitian American Museum of Chicago’s events, or what’s on the agenda for the South Merrill Community Garden this summer, you can visit their websites below.

Museum: https://linktr.ee/hamoc

Garden: http://southmerrillgarden.org/


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