Over the Line: Haitian and Dominican Artists Team Up for Exhibit


Call them artists without borders.

More than a dozen Dominican and Haitian artists will come together to showcase artwork depicting the relationship between the two neighboring Caribbean countries. At the exhibit “Bordering the Imaginary,” opening at Bric House on March 14, artists from both countries will explore the history of the island they share. The show was inspired by a controversial 2013 ruling that stripped Dominican citizenship from children of Haitian descent, and the ignorance that its curator saw displayed at panels and protests about the ruling.

Get the goat: Dominican artist Scherezade Garcia says in her painting “Caressing the Goat,” which references a proverb said in both Haiti and Dominican Republic, shows the connection between the two nations.


. . .The exhibit features 40 pieces from 19 artists, and is split into three sections. The first examines the history of the island, the second looks at the border area between the two nations, and the last is a joint multimedia project by Dominican-American artist Scherezade Garcia and Haitian-American artist Vladimir Cybil Charlier. Their section, titled “Memories of a Utopian Island and the Future,” features an animated video and an installation exploring resistance and race.

On March 17, both artists will join a panel discussion about the island’s shared history in art. The countries have much in commmon, said Garcia.


“Bordering the Imaginary” at Bric House:

647 Fulton St. at Rockwell Places Brooklyn, NY -Fort Greene Neighborhood

(718) 855–7882


Opening reception March 14 at 7 pm

On display through April 29.

“Coffee and Conversation” March 17 at noon. Free.

By: Alexandra Simon / Brooklyn Paper / March 12, 2018






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