Government strengthens its control over NGOs


In order to seek effectiveness and synergy in the actions of the Government and NGOs, the Ministers and General Coordinators must now inform the Prime Minister in advance of all technical cooperation actions as well as offers of financing and commitment to spend relative.

The Ministers and the General Coordinators will have to ensure the conformity of the offers of financing and commitment of expenses with the conventions and international agreements governing the matter, signed and ratified by the Haitian State, the laws in force and the roadmaps of the responsible concerned.

Pursuant to Article 3.5 of the Order of 25 January 2009 on the Organization and Functioning of the Office of Management and Human Resources (OMRH), the coordination of technical cooperation programs implemented at the level of Ministries, of technically devolved services and autonomous administrative, cultural and scientific bodies in the areas of institutional strengthening and management of the civil service, is entrusted to OMRH.

Interventions were made and workshops organized by the Government for Haiti’s traditional partners, donors and non-governmental organizations to highlight the need to respect the guidelines and priorities of the Haitian State in the framework of cooperation.

Thus, all administrative and legal provisions have been taken to guide the actions of NGOs operating in Haiti, in line with the Government’s development objective.

By: HL/ HaitiLibre | October 2, 2017


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