DGI NOTICE : Purchase of passport stamps before 1 October


In a NOTICE dated Wednesday 27 September, the Ministry of the Interior informs the general public and all those wishing to obtain a passport booklets in particular, that notices of contributions paid to the DGI before 1 October 2017 and still valid, will also be accepted for applications in the new fiscal year of 2017-2018.

Has clarified that passport booklets whose stamps were PURCHASED BEFORE the new tariffs for the 2017-2018 finance law, however, will be valid only for FIVE (5) years and not ten (10) years.

The Ministry of the Interior invites taxpayers to continue to take their steps in peace and quiet, knowing that they are not at risk of having their passport application refused at the level of the Immigration and Immigration Directorate if they have a valid stamp.

By: HL/ Haitilibre | September 28,2017


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