Madonna Cuts Charitable Giving by Two-Thirds, Makes Sean Penn’s Haiti Group New Cause Over Kabbalah, Africa


Madonna– a lot has been made of the new medical building opened in her name this year in Malawi, home of her adopted children. In 2014, Madonna donated $1 million to Raising Malawi, the controversial charity she started with the sketchy Kabbalah Center of Los Angeles. It was part of a total $1.8 million she gave away in 2014 including $89,898 to Sean Penn’s Haiti fund.

But now a new Form 990 is out for Madonna’s Ray of Light Foundation, and things have changed. According to the 2015 form, no more money went to Raising Malawi or to anything in Africa. She did send $30,000 to the Kabbalah Center, the lowest amount she’s ever donated to the cultish group ever. In all Madonna cut her charitable spending by two-thirds, to $666,982. I’m not sure if the ‘666’ is intentional.

On the 2015 Form, Madonna’s found a new pet project: ex husband Penn’s J/P Haiti fund. She gave them a substantial increase over the prior year– $341,982. The donation lines up with her appearance and performance at Penn’s January 2015 gala dinner in Los Angeles where Madonna declared her love for her ex husband and sang “La Vie En Rose” accompanying herself on guitar. That was the same dinner into which Justin Bieber walked accidentally, then left when there was a discussion of poverty in Haiti.

Forbes listed Madonna’s net worth in 2015 at $520 million.

Roger Friedman – August 9, 2017


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