Haitian-American Pastor, Daughter Released By Kidnappers


A Haitian American pastor and his daughter who were kidnapped in Haiti have been released and are now safe.

Pastor Elie Henry, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Inter-American Division, and his daughter Irma were freed by their kidnappers on Dec. 28, 2020 in Port-au-Prince “and are doing well.”

Pastor Henry and his daughter were the latest victims of a ransom kidnapping wave that has paralyzed Haiti this year. According to Adventist statements, they were abducted in Port-au-Prince on Christmas Eve on December 24th as they left an Adventist hospital.

Haitian media report their kidnappers demanded a $5 million ransom for their release, but the Adventist statement did mention a ransom amount.

Pastor Henry was born in Haiti and is based in Miami, where he heads the Inter-American office for the Adventists, a Protestant Christian denomination. Irma Henry is a physical therapist at the Adventist Hospital in Haiti.


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