Black Travel Vibes: Soak Up The Sun And Culture Of Haiti


Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to the island of Haiti than its well-documented struggles. Tranquil beaches, roaring waterfalls, and breathtaking landscapes are just some of the beauty features that many overlook when it comes to the Caribbean gem.

Add to that a rich history and culture that dates all the way back to January 1, 1804 when Jean-Jacques Dessalines proclaimed the island of Saint-Domingue free and independent from French rule following a successful revolution and created the world’s first free Black republic, and Haiti becomes a destination that should be at the top of everyone’s travel wish list.

For Jamaican Brooklyn girl and London ex-pat Rondette Amoy (@whatdettedoes) visiting Haiti with a close friend opened her eyes to a place she didn’t truly know and couldn’t wait to soak up. Check out a few of Rondette’s photos and take notes from our exclusive guide to discover why Haiti is more than just your average tropical getaway.

01Welcome to HaitiLocated in the Caribbean, the island nation of Haiti is full of natural beauty that will rival any of the other nearby islands. Haiti remains a relatively budget-friendly island getaway (though daily transportation can add up) with 1 Haitian Gourde equaling less than one U.S. dollar. Visit from November through March for the best weather.

PHOTO CREDIT: @WHATDETTEDOES02Local VibesTypically big brand hotels can come across as cookie-cutter, however, at the Marriott Port-au-Prince, local businesses like Ayiti Natives bath products fill the rooms and Haitian artists such as Peter Satyr Jacmel line the walls to create a unique vibe.

PHOTO CREDIT: MARRIOTT PORT AU PRINCE03Unique FlavorsIf you thought that the food throughout the Caribbean is all the same – you thought wrong! One of the things that makes Haiti unique is its flavorful cuisine. Don’t leave without treating your tastebuds to local eats like griot and kabice.

04Independence DayA proud symbol of the world’s first Black republic, Citadelle Laferrière is a large mountaintop fortress that played a significant role in Haiti’s fight for freedom. It is a must-see on any visit to the island.


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