Haitians attack Dominican soldiers at the border


    On Wednesday in El Paso de Nonón, in the municipality of Bánica, a van and a minibus from the Dominican Navy Ministry, occupied by soldiers on patrol on the banks of the Artibonite (along the border) were victims of throwing stones, launched by Haitians.

    A report prepared by Colonel Wilson Castillo González, Commander of the Third Brigade, said that when the two vehicles arrived on the site, several Haitians who were on the other side of the Artibonite began throwing stones, forcing the military to withdraw.

    Colonel Castillo González indicates that during the return of the troops of the JD-2 of the Dominican army (ERD), led by the first lieutenant Antonio de los Santos, in charge of the Direction of the Drones, they manage to capture on the Dominican territory one of the Haitian attackers, identified as Wilson Santomon, he was arrested and taken to thefortress “José María Cabral”, a base of the 3rd brigade in San Juan de la Maguana, where he was incarcerated while waiting to be put in the hands of justice.

    The Colonel also recalled that the intelligence agencies, informed the 3rd brigade that Haitians throw stones at the drones that were put into service for the surveillance of the border to try to destroy them. In response to a question, Colonel Castillo Gonzalez stated that the aggression of Haitians against the military as well as attempts to destroy the drones, could cause regrettable events “[…] imagine, we do day activities and at night, these drones we must take care of them, but even more of our men and if there is an incident and the Haitians attack our soldiers with stones, they can not let themselves be killed and they must preserve their life…” leaving imagine between the lines, the potential risks and consequences of a replica of the military in such a situation of aggression…

    By: HaitiLibre | 4/6/2018


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