Message to the Nation by Senator Dieudonne Luma Etienne


As part of the commemoration of the 214th anniversary of Haiti’s independence, Sen. Dieudonne Luma Etienne, First Secretary of the Upper House and the only woman elected to the Senate, delivered a message to the Nation that we invite you to share.

Message from Senator Étienne :
“My dear compatriots,

At the dawn of this new year coinciding with the 214th anniversary of Haiti’s Independence Day, I call on all Haitians, from here and elsewhere, to stand together and defend the interests of the nation.

Let’s go United!

Let us know that the destiny of our dear Haiti depends only on our visions oriented towards endogenous development and our actions. This country that our ancestors bequeathed us is an inheritance symbolizing union and freedom. We must work constantly to value and enhance its splendor.

In this new year, join forces, our skills to make our country a place where reign ‘the love of Tèt Ansanm’. have the imperious obligation to work, more than ever, in agreement with my fathers conscripted to defend the interests of the Nation by laws implementing new applications of change project for a transformed country.

I pledge to push for the promotion of women’s leadership I pledge to push for the promotion of women’s “leadership” in order to continue to defend the rights of Haitian women and to work to eradicate all forms of economic violence against them. Always in the spirit of establishing a lasting democratic system for the benefit of the Nation, I will devote myself to taking vital decisions in relation to my parliamentary functions in order to equip the country with a Permanent Electoral Council, since 2018 is a year devoted to the preparation of the elections.

With that, I remind you that the Fatherland needs your talents indistinctly. Haiti needs its sons and daughters from everywhere.

Let us be strong, united and work together for our happiness, to enhance our dignity and our sovereignty.

Happy New Year 2018 and Happy Independence Day to you all my dear compatriots !”

By: HL/ HaitiLibre | January 3, 2018


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