Seismic shock at the border


The Directorate of Civil Protection reports that there was an earthquake Tuesday before dawn in Hinche and Maïssade, then less than one hour intervals to Belladère and Savanette…

For its part, the Technical Unit of Seismology (UTS) of BME indicates that a quake of magnitude 3.8 on the Richter scale occurred Tuesday, December 19 at 3:42 am and 19 seconds.

The epicenter was located on the Haitian-Dominican border at 12.2km east of Thomonde, 14.8 km north of Bemmadère and 17.8km north of Lascahobas. The shock was widely felt in Belladère and Lascahobas.

No damage was reported from the authorities.

By: HL/ HaitiLibre | December 20, 2017


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