Jacques Derosena, Actor/Hand Model


Jacques Derosena is an actor, hand model, and voice over artist working in Los Angeles. While Jacques was born in Boston, he was raised in Haiti and France. Jacques learned to speak English by watching American television programs like All My Children, and dreamed of the long stretches of pristine beaches like the ones he saw on Baywatch. Television instilled in Jacques a magical sense of wonder and awe for America and the entertainment industry.

When he finally arrived in the United States, Jacques had no doubt he wanted to pursue a career as an actor. His parents, however, were not convinced that a career in the entertainment industry was the best path for him, and at their insistence, Jacques instead began studying and working in computer engineering. He couldn’t deny his dreams for long though, and eventually he would take the leap towards making his childhood television fantasies a reality.

In this episode, Jacques shares how he navigated the entertainment industry as a foreigner in a new country. He recounts booking his first speaking role on a major television program, and how his career was taken to places he never thought possible when, on a whim, he auditioned for a hand modeling job.



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