Europe : 335,000 euros to strengthen the Haitian education system


The International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) of UNESCO and the European Union this week launched the project “Analysis and Capacity Building for Planning and Steering of the Haitian Education System” developed jointly with the Ministry of Education Education and Vocational Training (MENFP).

The 7-month project, funded by the European Union to the tune of 335,000 Euros, aims to strengthen the capacities of the Ministry and its decentralized administrations in planning and strategic management.

The European Union Ambassador, Vincent Degert, at the launch said “Improving the level of education requires improving the capacities of the actors operating at the institutional level and throughout the deconcentrated chain. It is essential to reinforce upstream the skills of the executives of the ministry and to supervise them at the technical level if we want to have a better system.”

This project is structured around three main components :

  • Analysis of individual and institutional capacities to guide future capacity-building interventions “planning and steering” of the education system ;
  • The development of a strategic orientation for capacity-building, which will be a direct contribution to the country’s future educational plan ;
  • Development of professional capacities for MENFP staff so that the ministry can rely on these own planners to manage the planning and steering of the education system.

As a whole, these components will strengthen the ministryt’s ability to better plan its work and work more strategically.

The MENFP is now redefining its priorities and seeking to analyze its human resources needs in order to bring competent teams to the educational challenges of the country, to ensure the proper functioning of the administration of education and to ensure that all schools can welcome and teach children. Yet 85% of schools in Haiti are non-public and 70% of them are not accredited by the MENFP.

Wednesday 7 Ministry officials completed training that will lead them in Paris in January 2018, to join thirty planners from every continent to follow in-depth training of the IIPE in management and planning of education.

The second major activity of the project will make it possible to carry out a diagnosis of the individual, organizational and institutional capacities in planning and steering of the education system and contribute to the future ten-year sectoral plan.

By: HL/ HaitiLibre – 29/09/2017


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