President Jovenel Moïse in the first Youth Forum at Les Cayes


On Saturday August 12th 2017, as part of the celebration of World Youth Day, President Jovenel Moïse was accompanied by his wife and Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant. They participated in the first Youth Forum, organized by the Town Hall of Les Cayes, around mental health, education, employment, famine, poverty, health and the environment.

In the presence of the Mayor of the City of Les Cayes, Gabriel Fortuné, Ministers Roosevelt Bellevue (Social Affairs), Régine Lamur (Youth), Senators of the South, Hervé Fourcand and François Sildor, members of the Commission for Innovation and Socio-professional Integration of Youth, international diplomats and several hundred young people, the Head of State addressed the young people of Haiti, affirming recognize “their anxieties, their worries about the future, their material concerns but also the immensity of their their talents, their generosity and their spontaneity.”

Advocating for a valorization of the capacity and talents of the young people of the country. He warned all those who try to manipulate, to deprive youth of their pride, their national pride and their love of the land of Haiti. “I say that they have gone wrong. They are wrong in making you believe that the future is elsewhere. They have been mistaken for not being able to show what we are, for leaving you as the only horizon of emigration or exile,” continued Moïse, who believes that it is through youth that Haitians can know where they come from, where they are and where they are going, convinced that the success of Haiti depends on the place that society dedicates to its youth in the making of the common future.

The Mayor of Les Cayes, Gabriel Fortuné, affirmed that Haiti can not exist without young people, that the future of the country, the South and of Les Cayes depends on them and that it is up to the elders the duty of transmission of values to . He took the opportunity to recall some initiatives taken by the Town Hall of Les Cayes which is already working with young people through a new civic service of 2,000 young people, with various missions that can participate in their development.

In her speech, Minister Lamur praised the courage of the young people of the country and invited the actors involved in youth development to come together, ensuring that her ministry is committed to working with them, with a view to better addressing the obstacles linked to the full development of young people in Haiti.



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