MHAVE seeks to strengthen cooperation with Mexico


Stéphanie Auguste, Minister of Haitians living Abroad, received the visit of the Mexican Ambassador Jose Luis Alvaro, who was accompanied by his assistant, Georgina Marina. Discussions focused on identifying cooperation projects involving the Haitian Diaspora in their design and/or implementation and on migration issues.


During this meeting, Minister Auguste expressed the will to see the realization of the project relating to the initiatives of the diaspora in a form updated according to the realities of the moment and by insisting on investment. To this end, she has requested Mexico’s assistance in a “Diaspora Support Initiatives Project for Local and Regional Authorities”, whose mission will be, among other things, to identify and support the initiatives already undertaken, to define with the uthorities of the communities the needs according to their plan of communal development, to define the mechanisms of support to the diaspora through the investment in the niches identified in the development plans of the communes.


The Minister wished Mexico’s cooperation in establishing a network of information centers on migration as well as establishing a communication network with migrants in Mexico, especially those whose situation was recently regularized. Such assistance will facilitate the establishment of a federation or confederation of Haitian diaspora organizations in Mexico.


Ambassador Alvaro assured that he would follow up on these requests and told Minister Auguste that the process of regularization of Haitians in Tijuana and Mexicali was still under way for Haitian nationals with an official document, particularly a passport.


HL | August 17,2017


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