Haitian Airline Sunrise New Routes to Orlando and Miami


A community that works together and invests in each other grows together

A few month ago I met Pascal and Samuel at Sunrise office to discuss collaborating on a few projects between our respective Company. It was the first time I heard about Sunrise initiative to explore new routes, but this time, it will be in the states; specifically in Orlando and Miami. The news was confirmed by their head of Marketing during an event at NH Haiti El Rancho hosted by Haitian-Benelux Chamber of Commerce.

On August 25, 2017, the official Facebook page of the company announced the date of the inaugural flight, as well as the price of their round trips. A critical step and an amazing accomplishment for the Haitian Airline, which started with two small planes that are still serving Cap-Haitien and Port-au-Prince route. While this is a huge success for the Haitian company, we need to support them for them to stay in business.

A community that works together and invests in each other grows together; and the company promises to remain competitive on the market. They make it their mission to continue to provide excellent customer service and competitive prices. This moment reminds me of the first AA flight in my hometown (Cap-Haitien), I was excited that I did not sleep in fear of missing out on history. History is once again happening, and we hope you will be part of it.

According to the CEO, the mission of the company is to become the premier regional airline operator in the Caribbean by developing a cohesive route network in an efficient, cost-effective, and safe environment. They want to leverage success and profitability through a streamlined and innovative approach to growing the footprint of Sunrise Airways. On top of the Miami and Orlando routes, the company is looking forward to adding Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Curacao and more.

By Davidson Toussaint | August 25, 2017


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