Skal Labissiere has heartwarming return to Haiti


Skal Labissiere has long expressed his desire to return to his native country, Haiti.

The former Wildcat and now Sacramento King left Haiti after surviving the devastating earthquake of 2010, and now has returned for the first time since before he entered high school.

Labissiere returned to Haiti to set up a basketball camp for high schoolers in Port-Au-Prince, the nation’s capital. According to Chris Fisher at 247 Sports, the camp is for 50 of the country’s best high school basketball players and coaches.

The first Camp S.K.A.L. clinic runs from July 19-21.

The camp is made possible through the Reach Your Dream organization, the same organization that helped Labissiere relocate to the U.S. to further his education and play basketball.

The non-profit promotes spiritual awareness, self-confidence, and innovative thinking for future generations in communities throughout the world.

The Sacramento Kings Twitter account posted this video of Labissiere visiting his childhood neighborhood.


Skal Labissiere Returns to Haiti


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