Refrigeration in Haiti – Why do Haitians in Haiti simply hate leftover refrigerated food?


In America, Haitians in the Diaspora call leftover food “YESTERDAY” but in Haiti they call it “Manje Dòmi.” Nobody wants to eat manje dòmi… I have a cousin who likes his water freezing cold but he will not eat any food if it spends one night in the refrigerator… Why is that so?

“Manje a gen gou fwèt,” (the food taste cold) he says with his funny smile, “li ban-m dòmi nan je” (it makes me sleepy)

But wait… there is a Microwave in the house but NO WAY will he use that… “Bagay saa bay cancer,” he says… LOL…

Most Haitians households in Haiti cook every day… Every single day… and none of that food gets stored away for another day.

To many Haitians, even those in the Diaspora, this is normal. BUT… an Italian-American man once told me that’s what refrigeration is for…

“Once upon a time in America, we had housewives,” he said. “my these days are long gone. Thank God for refrigeration.”

What do you think about that?

You think Haitian men in Haiti will ever get used to eating some “Yesterday?”


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