Diplomacy : Message from the new Ambassador of Canada to Haiti


André Frenette, the new Ambassador of Canada accredited to Haiti on September 5, who replaces Ambassador Paula Caldwell St-Onge at the end of her mission, has delivered a message to the Government and the people of Haiti at the time of taking office, which we invite you to share :

Message from Ambassador Frenette :
“It is a great honor for me to have obtained the confidence of my Government to represent and promote in Haiti the Canadian values ​​that are so dear to me. Canada promotes inclusion, respect for diversity and human rights, gender equality, openness to the world, democratic development that supports the strengthening of the middle classes, and assistance to the poor. It is on the basis of these values ​​that I intend to work tirelessly to build strong and respectful partnerships between Canada and Haiti, with the aim of strengthening the historic relationship between our two countries.

Canadians have repeatedly demonstrated that they are ready to walk hand in hand with the Haitian people. Following the announcement of Canada’s new commitment to Haiti, we made the decision, after various consultations with Haitian authorities, to step up our efforts in areas of democratic and accountable governance, sustainable and green economic growth, health and well-being of women and girls, and the rule of law and security.

More specifically, in June 2017, Canada launched its new policy of international feminist assistance, placing gender equality and empowerment of women at the heart of its development programming. We support the development of a stable, prosperous and equitable Haitian state that can provide health services, education and economic opportunities to all Haitians, especially women and girls.

I am already looking forward to working on these key themes during the years of my mandate in Haiti, which will require serious and responsible commitments from all concerned. To ensure that this assistance continues to deliver on the expected results, Canada will count on the Government of Haiti’s continued efforts to clearly define its priorities and to meet its financial and institutional commitments.

Haiti remains at the heart of Canada’s international policy agenda and I am proud to say: Nou la pou Ayiti !

By: HL/ HaitiLibre – 29/09/2017


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